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1675–1676 In June 1675, Wampanoags led by Metacom known to Porto Alegre Subway Map the English colonists as King Philip begin to harass settlements in western Massachusetts in response to colonial expansion Porto Alegre Subway Map and increased missionary activity. Large-scale warfare erupts between Plymouth and the Wampanoag, and soon people all over New England are forced to choose sides. Wampanoags, Narragansetts, and many Nipmucs fight the English, other Nipmucs, and a sizable contingent of Mohawks. King Philip’s War sees the destruction of some dozen English towns in New England.

Other English settlements are partially burned or dispersed when their inhabitants flee toward the relative safety of Boston and other towns to the east. Mary Rowlandson, captured in the attack on Lancaster, leaves behind a lengthy account of her captivity; it will be published in 1682 as The Soveraignty and Goodness of God and will serve as the basis for future captivity narratives. The effects of Metacom’s War, as awful as they are for English people living in Massachusetts, are much worse for the region’s native peoples. In the Great Swamp Fight, English soldiers kill hundreds of Narragansetts. Metacom’s death in August 1676 weakens native resolve to keep up the fight. Native Countrys will never really recover to the extent that they can challenge English authority in the area. Approximately 1,000 colonists perish in the fighting, and of a native population of around 20,000, three thousand lose their lives. Even Native Countrys who fight alongside the English or remain neutral are subject to mistrust at best and outright violence at worst.

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