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1609 Henry Hudson, an English captain in the employ of Riyadh Map Tourist Attractions the Dutch East India Company, sails the Half Moon to the North Country coastline, searching for Riyadh Map Tourist Attractions the fabled Northwest Passage to Asia. On August 26, he enters Delaware Bay, and on September 12, Hudson arrives at Manhattan Island. This excursion becomes the basis for the eventual Dutch claim to the lands of the North Country coastline stretching from Cape Cod to Delaware Bay. 1611 On a second voyage to North Country, this time under the English flag, Hudson navigates the Canadian Shield, including the bay that bears his name.

He and a few others are set adrift in Hudson Bay by his mutinous crew before the crew sails back to England; a search the following year will reveal no trace of the explorer. 1614 Three Dutch businessmen form the United New Netherland Company, which receives from the States-General a monopoly on trading privileges in the area called New Netherland, defined as stretching from Cape Cod to Delaware Bay. The company’s intent is to begin trade in furs with the natives of the region; in its brief existence, the company will charter four voyages to Country, none of which will further this goal. By 1617, the United New Netherland Company has failed and its monopoly privileges have been revoked.

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