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The most popular tourist destination in the world, Western Europe offers as many unique journeys as it has travelers to take them. Europe’s fame is age-old, and some things never change. Aspiring writers still spin impassioned romances in Parisian alleyways; a cool glass of sangria at twilight on the Plaza Mayor tastes as sweet as ever; and iconic treasures, from the leaning tower at Pisa to the behe moth slabs of Stonehenge, inspire wonder in yet another generation. But against this ancient backdrop plays a continent at the beginning of a new act. With the emergence of the European Union, these distinct nations are more intimately con nected than ever before.

The proliferation of small, international airlines is setting the stage for a new breed of budget jetsetting, as backpackers trade in their railpasses for standby tickets. While airplanes etch interconnecting patterns across the sky and a com mon currency passes through hands and across borders below, clusters of Inter net cafes weave a virtual web all their own. Western Europe is everything it always has been and much more; and now, it’s easier than ever to experience it.

With over 300 pages of new, in-depth coverage of the must-see cities, Let’s Go: Western Europe 2004 will not only take you to the well-photographed classics of European travel, but also the unique bistros and jazz dives that created and sustain the continent’s cultural legacy. With these additions, you’ll find the tiny beer gar den where monks rolling barrels of ale pass in front of Munich’s silhouetted cathe dral; the eccentric, hole-in-the-wall boutique off a small alleyway in the shadow of Big Ben; and the Greek tavema where a glass of ouzo on the patio is accompanied by the perfect vista of the towering Acropolis. Whether your destination is ancient or cutting-edge, monumental or unassuming, world-renowned or nearly undiscov-ered we’ll take you there. So what are you waiting for? Create your web-based email account, grab your pack, and let’s go.

Moravian. A member of a Protestant denomination founded in Saxony Romania Subway Map in 1722 by Hussite emigrants from Moravia, in central Czechoslovakia. There were colonial Moravian settlements in Romania Subway Map Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Mortar. In military terms, a portable muzzle-loading cannon, used to fire shells at low velocities, short ranges, and high trajectories similar to a howitzer. Mourning war.

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