Roma’s Bakery US Map & Phone & Address

Roma’s Bakery US Map & Phone & Address

201 Somerville Ave. Somerville;(617)776-0869 Roma’s bakes bread for supermarkets all over the area. Buying at the bakery couldn’t be simpler; nearly everything is priced at $1.25 large, round soft loaves, sliced scali bread, whole-grain loaves, or a bag of a half-dozen sandwich rolls. You can only save a bit over the stores, but the best part is that after three o’clock you can get the bread straight out of the oven.

So hot it’ll burn your hand, says Mr. Roma. This continues until about 9 P.M. daily; Saturdays ’til 5.

Up the avenue toward Union Square is a larger, similar establishment, La Ronga Bakery, at 599 Somerville Avenue; telephone (617) 625-8600. They also distribute to area markets, but again, you can get it fresh from the source. A loaf of sliced scali bread is $1.24. They sell day-old bread too, like three baguettes for a dollar; and they also bake up fresh, hot calzones about the size of a football for $2.50, filled with spinach, mushrooms, or broccoli and cheese. Open daily from 7 A M. to 8 p.M.

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