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Sail with us along the mighty Volga to the Baltic Shores, and he will discover the once hidden treasures of classical Russia great cities built to symbolize a nation’s might mystical woods, and lakes from the pages of the fairy tale Anakin Duchess, and fanciful churches, and people who will delight you with their passion warmth, and zest for life you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions see neighboring Ukraine at its ancient capital Kiev, and add two more Baltic nations to your passport with an extension to Tallinn Estonia, and Helsinki Finland from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery fly to Moscow Russia’s capital to meet your program director, and embark your private river ship.

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You’ll explore Moscow in depth then set sail along the volga, and severe rivers stopping each day to explore ports large, and small including Oobleck part of russia’s golden ring. You’ll also discover lesser-known gems like qiji island a unesco world heritage site before concluding your tour in the beautiful city of st. petersburg on this journey.

You’ll delve into russian history, and culture of course. You’ll see the imposing Kremlin with its signature Red Square but. You’ll also enjoy everyday fun traveling on the famous Moscow subway going to the Moscow Circus, and more all of st.

Petersburg will impress you especially the incomparable treasurers of catherine the great’s hermitage museum. This is the second river perfect diamond we very pleased with the first one even more. So with this one.

We’ve done large ship cruises before and I was in comparison that. I would much prefer this over the large ship. You’ll also feel good knowing that an annually determined amount of the proceeds from our trips is donated to Grand Circle foundation this nonprofit organization gives back to the places we visit by supporting educational programs in the places we travel, and preservation efforts like the UNESCO World Monuments fund custom-built for Grand Circle with our travelers needs in mind your private river ship features all outside cabins each one features a private bath with shower, and a TV direct dial telephone, and individual heating, and air conditioning while in Russia.

You’ll dine on regionally inspired meals your program director will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties, and all of your meals from buffet breakfasts to sit-down lunches, and dinners with complimentary wine at dinner are included onboard you can experience even more with optional tours see peter the great’s their side by the sea peterhof with its multiple palaces immaculate grounds, and dazzling fountains, and keep the discoveries wing by adding optional extensions to your trip discover the robust cultural, and historic attractions of Kiel the Ukrainian capital admire the winding alleys of its picturesque old town, and see the spires of lovely since Sophia’s Cathedral also included as a visit to the incredible purchase Calavera cave monastery with its towers, and underground crypts, and tunnels on a single extension you can see two Baltic capitals presenting striking contrasts Tallinn, and Helsinki the jewel of estonia tallinn is a walled medieval city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site then visit modern Helsinki Finland stylish capital magical landscapes the grandeur of the czars Soviet might a renowned literary, and artistic legacy hearty folk traditions, and wonderful friendships it all awaits you on our River cruise through the heart of Russia you. So call today to discover Russia for yourself with Grand Circle you.

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