San Francisco Chinatown Map

Here we are right in the middle of Chinatown. And this is actually the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. And you wouldn’t even know you’re in San Francisco any more. A lot of the signs are in Chinese, there’s food.

San Francisco Chinatown Map Pdf

Smells like China, let’s go check it out. – Jasmine pearl white tea. So I’m in one of the back alleys here in Chinatown and it actually feels like I’m in China.

Chinatown San Fran Map

I could smell all the kitchens at the back of all the restaurants. What smells like really, really good Chinese food. This looks just like a little hole in the wall, but this is where one of the best fortune cookie was invented. Come on in, it smells really good.

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I’m holding in my hand a fortune cookie hot off the press. Mmm, I’ve never had a hot fortune cookie in my life. This is tasty, this is the way they all should be. But I don’t, I don’t see a fortune. But, I’m just gonna assume that means that I’m gonna live a long life of happiness and excitement.

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