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Leaving the albergue in the centre of Finisterre: Head up Calle Santa Catalina past the Concello [200m] junction of the C-550 [150m] and continue along the main road for another [750m] and just before the petrol station turn up Lefl (opposite sign for Tira do Cordel)

1.1 km SIGN FOR SAN MARTINO (and first of the Fisterra – Muxia signposts). Head up past the Restaurante Ara Solis veering right after [400m] the road levels off here to pass the deligthful parish church of San Martino de Duio [400m] and continue along the valley of Duio for [1.1 km] (site of the legendary city of Dugium) to the crossroads at Escaselas. Turn up Left into Hermedesuxo [500m] down to the cross of 5 roads [300m] and take the road signposted San Salvador and continue for [400m] into:

3.1 km SAN SALVADOR – HOTEL DUGIUM (Opened in 2000). Luxury single room €40 incl. breakfast. Tel; 981 740 780). Continue for [200m] onto track and head up straight into the Eucalyptus forest following the main track as it winds its way around Rapadoira. Continue straight over the road at Rial [2.0km] into Bujan [500m] turning down Left on road [20m] and then Right [150m] out of the village. Turn off Right onto track through timber yard by house with loose dogs and through forest to house with bright blue facade at edge of Suarriba [830m] turn off Left for [700m] down into:

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14.4 km CASTREXE [ROSTRO BEACH] Semi abandoned village and the nearest point to the long lonely sands of Rostro beach. OPCION [!] Again strong currents prevent swimming but if you want a paddle turn off left down to the end of the the asphalt road 200m and take path to beach only 200m further. Return to the village to continue on the official route, ignoring old way marks along an alternative and poorly way marked coastal route. [100m] outside Castrexe the track starts again and continues parallel to the asphalt road above, turn Right onto another quiet road [700m] into Padris [200m]. Here you veer off Left back onto a track [50m] through eucalyptus for [1.5km] to another opcion [!] Evidently there are strongly held opinions from those favouring the original more westerly and longer (but scenic) route around the coast (via Ra de Lires); these diverge from those of the newer 1official’ way marked section. It is easy to get lost on either route, but less likely on the officially way marked section which we follow by taking Right hand path for [500m] down through Canosa (dogs) down alongside the rio de Lires [800m] turning up Left for just [50m] and then Right to join road after [400m] and a final [200m] to:

LIRES [IGLESIA DE SAN ESTEBO] Views over the Ria de Lires and the Praia de Nemina. The small but active village of Lires has 3 Casas de Labranza (Farmhouse B&B’s). Casa Lourido Tel: 981 – 748 203 / Casa Jesus Tel: 981 – 748 158 and Casa Raul Tel: 981 – 748 156. Doubles from €25. Evening meals available. Lires also has a modern bar serving bocadillos and refreshments – Bar Dario. From the church head up to the top of the village [300m] (Bar Dario on your right I00m off the route). To continue turn Left down through a forest track for [500m] to the wide rio do Castro. At most times of the year you can cross by the stepping stones but you may need to remove your boots depending on water levels. Note: If the river is dangerously high then you may need to cross over at A Pontenova. This is quite a long detour by road of 5.5km to rejoin the way marked route (adding 3.5km to the overall route). For this emergency alternative when flood levels are too high, turn back to Lires (0.5km) and take the Pereira road and over the bridge at A Pontenova (4.0km) and straight into A Grixa / Frixe (I .Okm). Here either [a] turn up left to the top ofFrixe and rejoin the waymarked route amongst the last (highest) houses in the village or [b] continue along the main Tourinan road for another 1 .Okm turning right onto waymarked path that crosses over the road at this point. Cabo Tourinan (and lighthouse) is the most Westerly point in Spain and lies another 7.5km west via this road. Cross over the no do Castro and head up Left onto narrow track at Bau Silbeiro [200m] (ignore yellow arrow that points right up onto road) and rejoin road [300m] and continue along it for [1.0km] into top of the spread out village of:

FRIXE (the main part of the town lies below you to the right). Turn Left and immediately Right up onto path crossing over the Tourifian road [800m]. After [1.4km] watch out for turn down Left and immediately Right by farm building and rejoin road [100m] (dogs) at Guisamonde and continue along road for [1.6km] to:

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