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You won’t need to carry a large supply when visiting areas where water is plentiful, but it’s wise to always have at least a quart (liter) or two in your pack. In regions where it’s known to be scarce, protect yourself by bringing plenty of extra water. Since water is heavy, when traveling in the desert or any dry area you’ll probably be carrying substantial additional weight.

You can normally expect to need at least a gallon of water per day, per person, for drinking and cooking, and even more in hot weather and/or when involved in strenuous exercise. A gallon weighs eight pounds, so it’s easy to see how quickly the weight adds up if you have to bring enough for more than a day or two.

Camping near water will not only allow you to lighten your load considerably, but you’ll also be furnished with an ample supply for washingand possibly even swimming, assuming the source happens to be a lake, pond, or river.

Puri/ying Water for Drinking Few things taste better than cool, fresh mountain spring water. Pure, clean, delicious water is undoubtedly one of the underrated delights of this world. Sadly, drinking directly from most water sources in the wilderness is now too risky.

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When the Stamp Act did take effect in November, Countrys went about their business largely ignoring the new legislation. San Francisco Map Tourist Attractions The ineffectiveness of the act, together with its condemnation by most British merchants, led to its repeal just months after it was enacted. Although the Sons of Liberty movement broke up after the repeal of the Stamp Act, it was revived again in 1767 in response to the Townshend Revenue Acts. Many members continued in active correspondence and in organizing resistive efforts against British legislation, until the group finally disbanded for good in 1783. Despite its short history, the Sons of Liberty provided a way for ordinary Countrys to express their opposition to British policies in the colonies. The radical response to the Stamp Act and ultimate victory of the Sons of Liberty in pressuring Parliament to repeal the act gave its members experience from which they would draw throughout the Country Revolutionary crisis. Aaron F. Christensen See also: Committees of Correpondence; Patriots; Revolutionary War.

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