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Paraguay Nightlife

Asuncenos are a night loving crowd (partially this has to do with the heat since things only start to cool down at night). As with the rest of Latin America, nightlife starts late here. Though some restaurants serve dinner starting at 7pm, most do not begin to fill up until 10pm or later. Cafes and bars will start filling up around 11pm, and showing up at a nightclub before midnight pretty much guarantees you’ll have the dance floor to yourself. Attire generally ranges from business casual to semi-formal with men wearing slacks and dress shoes, and women wearing dresses and high heels. Dress codes are more strictly enforced for men; some clubs don’t allow people wearing shorts and flip flops to enter. Sneakers are often permissible if paired with slacks and dress shirts. Most nightclubs offer free or reduced entrance to ladies before midnight, however, cover charges may apply across the board during special events. Karaoke is increasingly popular, although Paraguayans tend to favor ballads which can lend a less than upbeat note to karaoke nights.

Bars & Nightlife Downtown

Britannia Pub This favorite among expats and locals fills up quickly on weeknights and weekends alike. Well stocked bar includes Britannia’s own house beer. Food is affordable and tasty with highlights including fried mandioca with garlic and cheese, picana steak platter, and create-your-own salads. The atmosphere is lively and the music is upbeat. During special events and theme nights, part of the terrace is turned into a dance floor and cover charges may apply. Tel: 021 443 990, Cerro Cora 851 (down the street from the Crowne Plaza Hotel),, Tue-Thu 6:30pm-2am, Fri 6:30pm-4am, Sat 8pm-4am, Sun 8pm-2am, Gs. 7,000-25,000 904 Bar Recently opened by the owners of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (directly across the street), this bar is set in a renovated house with nicely decorated rooms and a large interior courtyard. The vibe and crowd are very similar to Brit Pub although the ambience at 904 is more polished. Cover charges apply on special Blues Wednesdays and Rock Thursdays. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events. Tel: 0985 190 532, 0985 190 539, Cerro Cora 904, between EEUU and Tacuary, on Facebook, Mon-Thu 6:30pm-2am, Fri 6:30pm-4am, Sat 7pm-4am, Gs. 10,000-25,000

Planta Alta This modern art gallery/bar is a popular hangout for Asuncion’s artsy crowd. Enjoy drinks on the balcony, live music and film screenings, or just wander around the gallery’s ever-changing exhibition rooms soaking in an artistic atmosphere unique to Asuncion. Covers sometimes apply during special events. Corner of Mariscal Estigarribia and Caballero, next to Overall Artesanias, the door has no sign but is marked with the letters “PA” above the doorway and a stairway leading up to the secondfloor,, Wed-Fri 5pm-1am, Sat 9pm-3am, Gs. 10,000-20,000

Casa Clari Casa Clari benefits from its location within the Manzana de la Riviera cultural center in two ways. The first is the incredible view of the Palacio Presidencial, bright white against a sky blue backdrop by day and nicely illuminated by night. The second is the almost constant breeze from the river. Combined with the relaxed atmosphere and semi secluded location, these make it an excellent spot to take a break while sightseeing in Asuncion. Reservations recommended for large groups on Friday and Saturday nights, as it tends to fill up once cultural events downtown let out. Daytime menu is limited to drinks, and a full menu of pizzas and appetizer platters are served after 7pm. Tel 021 496 476, corner of Ayolas and Paraguayo Independiente, inside the Manzana de la Rivera,, Mon-Fri 9am-1am, Sat 6pm-1am, Gs. 15,000-45,000

Cafe Dali With karaoke on the ground floor and a dance floor on top, Cafe DaH is a good option for those who want to start the night early. Happy hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays mean the dance floor is packed while the rest of Asuncion has yet to step out for dinner. Tel: 021 490 890, corner of Estrella and O’Leary, Thu-Fri 5pm-2am, Sat 5pm-4am, Gs. 20,000-40,000

Orishas This popular dance club plays the latest in salsa and reggaeton. Friday nights are a little quiet – Saturday is the night to go. Tel: 0983 145 969, Eligio Ayala, between Estados Unidos and Tacuary, Thu-Sat 11:30-7am, Gs 10,000-20,000

Villa Morra & Carmelitas – Shopping del Sol

The city’s best area for bar hopping and going out is on Avenida Espana from the upscale Paseo Carmelitas (cross street Malutm) on towards Avenida San Martm. This area is full of shopping galerias with boutique stores, restaurants, and bars, Paseo Carmelitas being the largest and most popular. Many of the nightclubs in this area allow you to reserve tables or booths for the night in advance. The Manzana T complex one block away from Shopping Mariscal Lopez is your best bet for nightlife in the Villa Morra area with a good selection of bars, restaurants, and one or two nightclubs.

Kilkenny Irish Pub This large high-end Irish pub in upscale Paseo Carmelitas is packed with expats and locals alike. Ample selection of imported beers includes Guinness, naturally, as well as German beers and Argentine microbrews. House band The Kilks are excellent and get everyone dancing with crowd pleasing covers on Wednesdays and Fridays. Tel: 021 671 421, 021 672 768, Malutin and Avenida Espana in Paseo Carmelitas,, reservations are recommended for large groups, Mon-Tues 6pm-2:15am, Wed-Thurs 6pm-3am, Fri-Sat 5pm-4:30am, Sun 6pm-2am, Gs. 10,000-40,000

Cafe Bohemia This small bar and cafe is known for its themed dance nights ranging from Jazz Mondays to Retro Wednesdays and the especially popular Salsa Thursdays. Though the small dance floor can get cramped, the ambience is good. Tel: 021 662 191, Senador Long, almost Avenida Espana, on Facebook, Mon-Wed and Sun 6pm-3am, Thu 6pm-4am, Fri 6pm-5am, Gs. 10,000-30,000

El Santo Located in the Manzana T complex, El Santo is a good all around bar and dance club playing a wide variety of dance hits from pop, reggaeton, salsa, you name it. Upper balcony is good for people watching and taking a break from the crowded dance floor. Tel: 021 613 322, corner of Mariscal Lopez and Cruz del Defensor in Manzana T,, Fri-Sat 8pm-6am, Gs. 10,000-30,000

Bambuddha Completely covered with bamboo on the outside and decked out with an Asian themed interior, this dance club is a hit with Asuncion’s elite and the best bet for those staying nearby in Shopping del Sol. Music includes a mix of reggaeton, salsa, top 40’s and house. Tel: 021 621 870, Corner of Avenida Aviadores del Chaco and Profesor Vasconsellos,, reservations are recommendedfor large groups, Fri-Sat 10pm-6am, Gs.20,000-50,000

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