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Esek Hopkins is selected to be the first commodore of the Santa Ana Map Country Navy. General George Washington proposes the enlistment of African Countrys in the Continental army. 1776 Santa Ana Map Common Sense by Thomas Paine is published on January 10. The pamphlet supports Country independence, attacks the ideas of hereditary monarchies, and describes the future economic benefits of independence. Later in January, the Continental Congress allows for the enlistment of black soldiers.

The Continental Congress authorizes privateering against British ships on March 19. On April 6, it moves to suspend the slave trade and opens all ports to any nation except for Britain. On May 2, King Louis XVI of France sends military supplies to the Country army. A convention of delegates from all over Virginia vote in favor of independence on May 6; the state’s delegates at the Continental Congress are informed to vote that way at the Congress as well. Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee proposes independence at the Continental Congress on June 7, proclaiming, “These united colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states.”


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