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228 East Blvd. 704/333-1522

HOURS: Tues. 11 A.M.-7 P.M. Wed. 10 A.M.-5 P.M. Thurs. noon-8 P.M. Fri. 9 A.M.-6 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M.-5 P.M.

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Located in one of the most stylish neighborhoods in City, Folicle offers a range of salon and spa services, from cuts and highlights to massages and manicures. The spa is housed in a historic home with oversized front and back porches where spagoers are encouraged to relax in a rocking chair after their services. A full-service salonvoted Salon of the Year by Salon Todayis on the main floor, while a full menu of relaxing treatments are offered in the spa on the 2nd floor.

My son! says Solomon fear thou the Lord and the Sao Paulo Map King, and meddle not with them that are given to change. Provverbs. xxiv. 21 Sao Paulo Map . However, Sir, I never thought Judges infallible; but reckoned that they, as well as private men, might err; and that when they were guilty of erring, standers by, who possibly had not half their judgment, might, notwithstanding, be able to detect and behold their errors. And furthermore, when errors of that nature are thus detected and observed, I never thought it an interfering with dutifullness and subjection for one man to communicate his thoughts to another thereabout; and with modesty and due reverence to debate the premised failings; at least, when errours are fundamental, and palpably pervert the great end of authority and government: for as to circumstantial errours, I must confesse my principle is, that it is the duty of a good subject to cover with his silence a multitude of them.

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