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Christian sanctuaries predating 550–551 have been discovered at the edges of the old city, consecrated to the cult of the martyrs. Also at the edge of the late Roman city, but nearer the center, near the gate in the Roman wall that faced the amphitheater which remained outside the late wall, was a large church building, recently found but not yet properly excavated. Probably a basilica, with a central-plan outbuilding baptistery or martyrium, whose ruins rise considerably above ground level, it seems to date from the 1st half of the 6th c. Pallas, Scoperte, 205- 207. In the space adjacent to the agora, Christian worship took root after 550–551. The oldest church yet known is the basilica of Lechaeum basilica C in the port area on the gulf of Corinth, dedicated to the martyr Leonidas and the seven women who suffered martyrdom with him under Decius. Its construction began under Marcian 450–457 at the latest and ended not before Justin I 518–527. Its height and architectural structure are typical: three aisles, pentapartite transept, narthex in five sections, two adjoining porticos on W side, atrium on E side, independent diaconicon on S side accessible from the narthex and the side aisle, symmetrical to N, with a room of unknown function for catechesis or funerals?, and two small buildings, one at each side of the transverse aisle: that to the N is a mausoleum; that to the S may be a waiting room for clergy. The baptistery, on the N side with access from the narthex through the atrium, seems older than the basilica.

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1645 The British Parliament executes William Laud, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and it reorganizes its troops into the New Model Army. Saudi Arabia Metro Map This army wins the Battle of Naseby, effectively defeating the royalist cause in the Civil War. 1646 The royalist stronghold of Oxford surrenders. Charles I surrenders to the Scots, who later turn him over to Parliament, ending the first round of the English Civil War. 1648 Charles I allies with the Scots and launches the second Civil War. He is once again defeated. Oliver Cromwell defeats the Scots at the battle of Preston. The Treaty of Westphalia ends the Thirty Years’ War. 1648–1653 A civil war, called the Fronde, erupts in France, as aristocrats make a final attempt to preserve their power in the face of growing monarchical consolidation.

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