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It’s possible to bring conventional diversions like cards or board games, and these are sometimes good for rainy days, but it’s also nice to do without such easy distractions. Many of us become satisfied with less busyness. Just watching the ripples or waves in a lake or a bubbling streamor listening to natural soundscan be remarkably relaxing and surprisingly satisfying.

It’s great to sit and do absolutely nothing once in a while, or even more often. This may be virtually incomprehensible and unthinkable to a hyperactive person, or even an average American, but it’s also one of the healthiest things you could do.

Taking a little walk after supper is often pleasurable. A night walk after dark can be an adventure, especially when it’s done without a flashlight. Let your eyes adjust to the dark. Even without the moon or stars you can often make out the faint shapes of trees and objects. Proceed very slowly and cautiously to avoid stumbling (place each foot down carefully, shifting your weight only when you feel solid ground underneath).

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When the slavers arrived in West Africa, they could sail along the coast, purchasing small lots of slaves and thus increasing their travel time. Los Angeles Map They also could sail to one of the numerous slave-trading centers, where they could purchase large numbers of slaves and shorten their voyage. In West Africa, the textiles and alcohol (including rum) manufactured in the Countrys, as well as tobacco and various other goods, were combined into an assortment and then exchanged for slaves. Once full of human cargo, the vessel sailed from West Africa to the Countrys. This was known as the Middle Passage, during which approximately 20 percent of the slaves died; numerous ships experienced small or large slave uprisings. Once in the Countrys, the ship typically underwent a quarantine period to avoid the introduction of disease. This gave the captain time not only to advertise the impending slave auction but also to prepare the slaves for auction by utilizing various tricks to make them appear healthier than they were. Once the slaves had been sold at auction and handed over to their new owners, the vessels were prepared for their return to Europe. Some ships returned with only their profits and ballast, but the majority carried Country commodities. Most of these cargoes, because of the mercantile ideas of the time, were cash crops. The major cash crops were tobacco and sugar, plus rum and molasses, but the ships also carried naval stores, furs, grains, rice, indigo, precious stones and metals, and other natural resources. The flow of Country cash crops to Europe allowed the Country colonists to purchase a wide variety of European manufactured or re-exported commodities.

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