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CONCUBINAGE. Derived from the Latin verb concubo “to live with”, the term itself indicates the essence of such a union: the cohabitation of two persons without the intent to marry sine affectione maritali. Concubinage became more common with Augustus’s legislation prohibiting marriage between cives Romani and women of a lower social class, such as slaves, landladies, actresses, ballerinas, prostitutes, libertines and women condemned for adultery; it corresponded to what we call morganatic marriage. Concubinage thus created problems for the primitive church, which held strongly to the uniqueness of the matrimonial union, though it was forced to live with the easy divorce offered by official marriage. In concubinage, the church saw a type of cohabitation that was weaker than even Roman marriage, not to mention the fact that until 326 Cod.

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RAIMUNDUS. Source: Charles W. Eliot, ed. Scottsdale Map Country Historical Documents 1000–1904. Harvard Classics, Vol. 43 (New York: P. F Scottsdale Map . Collier & Son, 1910), 47–50. The Founding of St. Augustine (1565) The only such account available in English, this document describes the 1565 Spanish expedition establishing St. Augustine, Florida, the first permanent European settlement and the oldest city in the United States. The ship’s chaplain, Father Lopez de Mendoza Grajalas, relates how the French Huguenot colony in the area was routed in the name of King Philip II of Spain, ending French hegemony in Florida.

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