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From the trailhead, the trail runs northeast, crossing Spring Creek, to the south end of Angleworm Lake. Here, at a trail intersection, a portage trail leads south to Trease Lake, while the two trails that make this circuit hike possible head for the east and west sides of the lake. From this junction, the hike continues up the east side of the lake along ridges, occasionally dipping down to cross narrow valleys that often contain beaver ponds. The trail eventually leaves the east shore of Angleworm Lake to pass around Whisky Jack and Home lakes. Once again the hiking is along narrow ridges with occasional panoramic views of valleys. At its northern limit, the Angleworm Trail crosses the portage trail between Home and Gull lakes. Then it passes through old growth stands of white pine around Home Lake and turns south to continue down the west side of Angleworm Lake along scenic ridges to the Trease Lake Portage junction and back to the trailhead.

Hikers can complete this hike in a day with an early start. Plan on about eight to ten hours to complete it, plus or minus depending on your speed and number of rest stops. There are several campsites along the route for a good two-day backpacking trip. If you do backpack overnight, you must register for a permit at one of the district offices (not at the self-registration station at the trailhead).


0.0 Trailhead.

0.5 Cross a boardwalk. The trail begins to descend gradually to a stream crossing.

0.9 Enter the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

1.0 Cross boardwalk and bridge over Spring Creek.

1.3 Trail forks; the hiker may take either fork as they rejoin in about 100 yards. Ponds appear on either side of the trail.

1.8 Four-way trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike. The Trease Lake portage leads off to the right. The portage to Angleworm Lake continues on the left trail. To continue this hike take the middle trail which descends to cross a small stream and then continues level.

2.1 Cross a boardwalk and bridge over a stream flowing to Angleworm Lake from Trease Lake. Once across the bridge, the trail ascends gradually through spruces, red and white pines, and balsam firs as Angleworm Lake comes into view on the left.

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