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1740 The Privy Council appoints a commission to establish New Hampshire Seattle Map ‘s southern boundary. The commission accomplishes the task, and actually enlarges the colony by a Seattle Map few hundred square miles. The Privy Council also appoints Benning Wentworth independent governor of the newly expanded colony. Also in 1740, George Whitefield visits New Hampshire. The well-known revivalist receives an ambivalent reception at first, but when he returns in 1744, he remarks upon the newly revitalized congregations. As in other colonies, the division between Old Light and New Light congregations and pastors causes some consternation.

The New Light movement (pro-revivalist) eventually loses steam. 1741 Benning Wentworth becomes governor of New Hampshire. His successful tenure lasts until 1767, and he leads New Hampshire through a series of midcentury wars. 1745 New Hampshire contributes men and supplies to the English attack on the fort at Louisbourg, the most remarkable colonial success in what the colonists refer to as King George’s War. The growing military might of the New England colonies troubles the French and their native allies. 1754–1763 New Hampshire provides hundreds of soldiers per year to the British war effort during the French and Indian War. Robert Rogers’s famous “rangers” serve as scouts for the British and also disperse the Catholic Native Country community at St. Francis, which had served as the jumping-off point for a number of invasions. The end of the war, with the collapse of French Canada and the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, secures the northern part of New Hampshire as an area safe for English settlement.

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