SeaWorld Orlando Aquatica

What’s cool about it?

1. The park’s main attraction is Dolphin Plunge, which is made of two enclosed clear tube slides that pass through a pod of Commerson’s dolphins. Cool! A, T, W, 48”

If you’d rather see the dolphins without going on the water slide, visit Dolphin Lookout.

2. Taumata Racer is a 300-foot racing slide with eight lanes. Grab a mat and race your family through the open and enclosed sections of the slide. It is named for a real hill in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand. A, T, W, 42”

3. There are two lazy rivers here, although one isn’t very lazy. Roa’s Rapids moves pretty fast and has geysers, speed zones, and islands. It is 1,500 feet long. You’ll love it. For a calmer experience, try Loggerhead Lane, which passes a cichlids grotto and the Commerson’s dolphins.

SeaWorld Orlando Aquatica Photo Gallery

Water Park Entrance

4. Do you like raft slides? You’re in luck. Whanau Way has four double-inner tube slides. Tassie’s Twisters is a pair of funnel-like slides. Omaka Rocka is the newest slide at Aquatica. Its rafts are for single rides and carry you down a tornado funnel. Fun!

5. The two wave pools at Aquatica are big and awesome. You’ll love the man-made white sand beach in front of them. This is the perfect place to relax and catch some rays. Cutback Cove has crashing 5-foot waves and Big Surf Shores has a gentle rolling pattern.

6. Walhalla Wave is a multi-person raft slide with dark, enclosed segments. Hooroo Run is a short triple-dip slide. It is six stories tall and 250 feet long. Both multi-person raft slides require riders to be 42 inches tall.

7. You’ll love Walkabout Waters, which is a huge interactive water playground. Check out the slides and water cannons as you splish-splash around. Kata’s Kookaburra Cove is another water playground. This one is for very little kids.

d DID YOU KNOW? SeaWorld’s Aquatica was the first water park in the world to incorporate live animals into its attractions.

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