Snowmobiling Tour on Langjökull Glacier from Gullfoss

One of the most exhilarating things to do in Iceland is a snowmobile ride, and Langjokull Glacier is just the place to do it. Start your adventure with a short bus ride from Gullfoss, home of the famous Gullfoss Falls. Enjoy the gorgeous snowy scenery as you ride to the glacier in a 4×4 monster ice truck. That was a wild ride. Now let’s get geared up. They give you everything you need. I gotta get my gear on here. I think I’ve made this harder for myself.

Snowmobiling Tour on Langjökull Glacier from Gullfoss Photo Gallery

We teach you how to use a snowmobile. You don’t have to have ridden it before, and the key is to just drive the way you’re comfortable. Just do it the way you do a car. We’ve got an army of snowmobiles just ready to rock and roll. The big beast right here, got to treat her right. Okay, here we go. Woo! The glacier is smooth as silk.

Oh my gosh, today was incredible, snowmobiling on this epic glacier. What a day.

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