Temple of Heaven Tiantan Park Beijing China

When we go to Temple of Heaven we mainly we go to the outer range a temple of heaven where, it’s a big public park, and they have lots of people doing media exercise social you know they socialize each other they sitting around, and they have lots of interesting activities the Temple of Heaven constructed between, and is a complex of religious buildings we have that Watts of the emperor preachers.

Temple of Heaven Tiantan Park Beijing China Photo Gallery

This is nothing to do with any of the religion numeira the Emperor believed in Taoism of Buddhism you also need to come here to pray to the heaven the temple of heaven has been described as a masterpiece of architecture, and landscape design in particular no nails were used to build the hall of prayer for good harvests instead posts, and square rafters fit together tightly to support the roof. I love the adventure of it. I love the chance to meet new people.

I always learn something new you know. I could go on, and on, it’s just a great experience it broadens your horizons, and gives you kind of a new sense of context for everything. I heard about China in.

So many political ways, it’s nice to meet the people.

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