Snowmobiling Tour on Langjökull Glacier from Reykjavik

One of the most exhilarating things to do in Iceland, is a snowmobile ride.

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On a day trip from Reykjavik, you can visit Langjökull Glacier, and experience it yourself. Right now we are on Langjökull Glacier. I gotta get myself a snowmobile, and we’re gonna cross it, you and me. Alright, they give you everything you need. I gotta get my gear on here.

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I think I made this harder for myself. I’m going to teach you how to use a snowmobile. You don’t have to have ridden it before, and the key is you just drive the way you drive a car. You just do it the way you would feel like it. We got an army of snowmobiles, just ready to rock and roll.

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It’s a big beast, right here, yeah to the right. Okay, here we go. Whoa. The glacier is smooth as silk.

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Whew. Oh my gosh, today was incredible. Snowmobiling on this epic glacier. Now I’m headed back to Reykjavik, what a day.

Snowmobiling Tour on Langjökull Glacier from Reykjavik Photo Gallery

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