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Cante, Fortino (1925-2001). Born in Mexico, Fortino Cante came to South Dakota as an agricultural worker in 1945, trained military personnel in masonry, interpreted for migrant workers, and founded the Tino’s Tacos brand.

Chavier, Juan (1931-). Juan Chavier, a Dominican American physician, served the Aberdeen community for forty-one years.

Perez, Joseph (1931-2004). Born in Rapid City, Joseph Perez fought in World War II.

Wounded in Germany, he received many awards, including the prestigious Purple Heart. Elizalde, Felix (1932-). Born in Rapid City to a migrant agricultural worker, Elizalde Felix is a distinguished educator, journalist, media professional, community activist, and elected public official in the state of California.

Chavier, Carmen (1943-). Carmen Chavier, Dominican American political activist, has been an active member of the Aberdeen community for forty-one years.

Garcia, Alvaro (1953-). Alvaro Garcia, a Uruguayan American, has served as associate professor and dairy extension specialist at South Dakota State University in Brookings since 2001.

Munoz, Maria (1952-). Maria Munoz, a Mexican American, has served the Latino community in Rapid City since 1984, serving as a translator, interpreter, volunteer, and activist.

Munoz, Angel (1953-). Angel Munoz is the owner of the Munoz Logging and Construction Co. which has been in operation since 1981. Originally from Mexico, he moved to Rapid City in 1978 after living in California.

Lammers, Cristina (1956-). Originally from Uruguay, Cristina Lammers has served as an associate professor and graduate faculty member at South Dakota State University’s College of Nursing since 2001.

Sanchez, Jorge (1957-). Jorge Sanchez, a native Nicaraguan, has worked at Avera McKennan Hospital and the University Health Center for the past ten years as a pediatric neurologist and medical director of pediatric neurology.

Sanchez, Xiomara (1961-). Xiomara Sanchez, a Costa Rican American, is an artist specializing in contemporary blown and cast glasswork. She holds an MFA in glass-making from the University of Wisconsin and has exhibited her work in several states.

Ramos, Maria (1967-). Born in Spain, Maria Ramos is associate professor of Spanish and the head of the Department of Modern Languages at South Dakota State University in Brookings.

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