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The poor man is in Abraham’s bosom, the rich man in eternal fire Carm. 31, 487-488. Paulinus exhorts Pneumatius and Fedelis to feel deeply the sufferings of the poor and to use their goods with benevolent piety. If Pneumatius and Fedelis wish to enjoy their dear Celsus forever, they must so act as to be admitted to the same heavenly dwelling as their son Carm. 31, 535-544. In love for the poor we have an indissoluble link with Christ, and whoever has lived his earthly life in Christ will see eternal life in him Carm. 31, 551-572. Pneumatius’s and Fedelis’s grief is excessive; it is a sin; those who live in God do not weep. He fixes attention on this with the sentence: impia pietas animam lugere beatam Carm. 31, 45, immediately followed by another: gaudentem deo flere nocens amor est Carm. 31, 46. These sentences are like the steps of the consolatio; Celsus enjoys in heavenly light what the living cannot even imagine. If Pneumatius and Fedelis will care for the poor, they can be united forever with their Celsus. It is the chain that binds them in an even closer kinship in the kingdom of heaven. Many early Christian authors, Greek and Latin, used the consolatio, but none were able to attain the clear lines of Sts. Cyprian and Paulinus. With these Fathers the genre of consolatio marked a qualitative leap in the consideration of works of charity as of the greatest value for judgment beyond the grave.

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Samuel Waldo persuades forty German families to settle on his lands Spain Subway Map in Maine. They found the town of Waldoborough, which struggles to produce crops in a harsh Spain Subway Map climate. Reinforcements continue to arrive, however, and they help to rebuild the settlement after it is destroyed by natives in 1746. 1741 During the War of Jenkins’ Ear named in honor of an English sea captain’s removed ear Massachusetts, complying with an imperial quota, sends 500 soldiers to aid in the British attack on Cartagena in Colombia. The attack fails miserably, and only fifty of the Massachusetts men return alive. 1745 During King George’s War, known in Europe as the War of the Austrian Succession, Massachusetts Governor William Shirley outfits an expedition to take the French fortress at Louisbourg, a massive outpost guarding the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. Led by William Pepperrell, a colonial, and Peter Warren, a British commodore, the attack forces a French surrender. The capture of Louisbourg is a matter of great pride for Pepperrell and all of colonial Massachusetts. When, in negotiations at Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748, British diplomats agree to return the fortress to the French, Massachusetts takes the action as a slap in the face.

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