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In the square is another old inn, the Market Cross St. Louis Map Tourist Attractions Inn, also known as The Smugglers. At one time it was the home of Stanton Collins St.

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Louis Map Tourist Attractions
, leader of the successful Alfriston Gang who used Cuckmere Haven to land their booty. The inn had as many as six staircases.

Nowadays the gangs that roam Alfriston are likely to be tourists; the lovely old buildings on the main street make it a popular place for visitors, who are well catered for by the profusion of eateries and tearooms.

One of the tearooms, looking out on to the square, is also a music shop, selling not only musical gifts but a massive range of ‘nostalgia' CDs and tapes, and so scones, jam and cream can be consumed to the accompaniment of marvellously catchy melodies that remain in the mind long after tea is over. The two real historical gems of Alfriston are away from the village centre: the church of St Andrew, and the Clergy House that stands beside it.

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