St. Marys College Hearst Art Gallery

1928 St. Marys Road (across from Soda Activity Center). Moraga. CA 94575 Tel: (510) 631-4379 Fax: i510) 376-5128 Internet Address:

Closed: Legal Holidays, Between Exhibits.

Facilities: Food Services (campus coffee shop):

Galleries (2): Picnic Area: Shop.

Activities: Guided Tours (groups, arrangements in advance); Lectures; Temporary Exhibitions (5/yr.) Traveling Exhibitions.

St. Marys College Hearst Art Gallery Photo Gallery

Publications: exhibition catalogues: leaflets.

The Hearst Art Gallery was built with the aid of a grant from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation It opened in 1977, replacing a smaller Wiliiam Keith Gallery originallj- established in 1934 The College had already been collecting and exhibiting art for several decades, including many works by William Keith (1838-1911). a key figure in the history of California art. The William Keith Collection continues as a special feature of the Gallery, with a selection of Keiths paintings always on view. The Gallery actively collects and exhibits 19th- and 20th-century California landscapes by other artists and m other media as well. Christian imagery in art is another focus of the collection and of occasional exhibitions. From German 15th-century carved-wood Madonnas, to Russian and Greek icons, to contemporary artists responses to traditional Christian themes, the Gallery examines the religious tradition that has inspired so much of Western art. Each year a student show of work by art majors and other undergraduates is organized and installed by a student committee in consultation with the gallery curator. Saint Marts College has a collection of about 2.200 art objects. Some highlights include 150 paintings by Keith: 150 other American paintings, primarily by late 19th- to early 20th-century artists, including Albert Biorstadt, Norton Bush, William Coulter, Armin Hansen. George Inness. Maurice Logan and -J. Francis Murphy; 21 drawings and watercolors by Morris Graves; 32 etchings by renowned California printmaker Roi Partridge; 20 drawings and prints and one oil painting b;. California artist Frank Van Sloun: 577 photographs of California landscapes by Stanley Truman, and large scale color prints by modern masters Manuel Neri. Nathan Oliveira and Wayne Thiebaud.

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