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Oh with a landscape that features lush jungles massive volcanoes pristine beaches, and verdant farmland, it’s no wonder that Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world added to the natural beauty of this country is the warmth of its people the welcoming Tico’s join us as we explore this diverse country from exotic wildlife to rustic villages, and beyond on this vacation. You’ll truly immerse yourself in local culture as you explore this region in depth. You’ll see a side of the people, and a way of life that you might not see with other travel companies and

You’ll learn the personal history of your destination through encounters with local people you can you snowpark from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery. You’ll fly to San Jose Costa Rica’s lively capital where you meet your program director, and begin your journey from San Jose.

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You’ll set off into Costa Rica’s lush countryside stopping to discover a coffee plantation along the way to the R&L region where. You’ll behold a seven thousand year old volcano, and witness unique rainforest wildlife. You’ll visit the scenic, and historic region of Guanacaste then head to the Central Pacific region to enjoy a boat ride through a mangrove forest for concluding your vacation in San Jose on this journey.

You’ll delve into victory, and culture of Central America enjoy close-up views of exotic wildlife during a boat ride through a mangrove forest in waka Leo explore the rnl region known for its impressive volcano, and lush rainforests as well as its traditional villages, and discover the dry tropical forests sandy beaches, and diverse wildlife in the province of Guanacaste, and visit a tropical garden where you will see, and smell exotic plants, and flowers. You’ll also see a pottery making demonstration in white deal we all gain hands-on experience with this age-old tradition, and enjoy a southern yellow horse show as you learn more about one of the iconic symbols of the Guanacaste region since all our program directors live in the region they serve they offer a wealth of authentic insight on local life they’ll give you the backstory on all the places you visit on your vacation, and delight you along the way with their personal attention, and warm ways while in Central America. You’ll dine on freshly prepared regionally inspired meals your program director will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties as you travel.

You’ll enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow travelers as you die yit of settings including local cafes, and restaurants your accommodations have been carefully chosen to offer convenient access to historic landmarks as well as restaurants, and shops in each hotel enjoy a full complement of modern amenities a restaurant, and bar for socializing, and an inviting room with private baths you can experience even more with optional tours for example you can witness some Costa Rica’s sustainable agricultural practices during a visit to an organic farm or send feet above the rainforest floor on a sky tram for a unique perspective on the lush jungle around R&R, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip travel from the cobblestone lanes of colonial Antigua to the contemporary streets of Guatemala City, and along the way discover Guatemala stunning natural beauty during a cruise on the serenely beautiful Lake atitlán if you crave more of Costa Rica cap your journey at one of this fascinating country’s most popular national parks with eleven different types of habitats include coastal rainforest, and a lagoon as well as miles of sandy beaches that are home to hatching marine turtles tortuga row national park is a marvel explore the lush landscapes of Costa Rica from the jungles to the coast savor local cuisine at the home of a welcoming local family experience Costa Rica’s diversity from colorful wildlife to pastoral scenes of rural life Oh while travelling in a congenial group of American travelers you.

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