St Marys Primary School Cape Town South Africa

Confronted with scarce water resources a fast-growing population, and an economically stream school system the people of the wangi region in Zimbabwe have fought an uphill battle for the past few decades with no reliable transportation, it’s not uncommon for young students like these to have to walk as far as miles round-trip to school many on an empty stomach our people our school is a very old-school establishment identifying some of the buildings, and furniture, and equipment way a dilapidated, it’s a big school.

St Marys Primary School Cape Town South Africa Photo Gallery

So media chinese-english up lacking enough desks, and chairs for all students teachers like Aeon de nube of st. Mary’s primaries were once forced to assign to cedar benches to as many as four students we which. I deliver $ the child when course the parasternal game we enjoy it.

So very very few years if you is one percent by able to take a decision he didn’t difficult to that before with parents struggling or unable to buy school supplies not every student has had access to a pen writing pads or even books let him success knowing that every took editorial calling posted. Because they look at in time student, and reach more, and be exposed to what’s going on even harder in Oh eighty travelers began to arrive here soon the Grand Circle Foundation after consultation with the administrators at the st. Mary’s primary school much-needed help began to spread outward when you travel with o eighty you are contributing much-needed school supplies to the st.

Mary’s primary school as the child in the school. So we are there please there are small troopers it improves the attendance in the school when children know their enough stationery they come to school regularly this means that what we have more children. I think in school in order to proceed into high school you are supporting the grand circle foundation your help here goes to support the students in their school helping young minds build stronger, and more sustainable communities you help change people’s lives.

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