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COMMUNION I. Meaning of the word – II. Aspects of eucharistic communion. I. Meaning of the word. The Latin term communio was used to translate the Greek koinwni,a, although the equivalence is not perfect. In biblical Greek the word means “that which is common,” that which constitutes a bond see 2 Cor 13:14; 1 Jn 1:3; also a generous spirit of sharing 2 Cor 9:13; then the sign or proof of fraternal unity, esp. in holding goods in common Acts 2:42; finally, participation in a collection to help the poorest 2 Cor 8:4, or in a common good par excellence, e.g. the body and blood of Christ 1 Cor 10:16 a use which gives the word, in the liturgy and in 4th-c. writers, the meaning of “communion in the eucharistic mystery” Lampe 763. Among the Latins the term expresses the act of association, participation, then the status of being common, the fact of sharing the same faith, the union with the whole church, which holds fast to spiritual and material goods, the reconciliation which reintegrates the sinner, making him reenter “communion” with it, and finally participation in the Eucharist, receiving Christ, who offered himself for us.

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