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Based on our more than 100 investigations, there does appear to be a relationship between paranormal phenomena and a past act of violence, despair, sadness, and/or love. On several occasions, this energy has attached itself to a home or an object that played an important part of the deceased person’s life.

A common theory is that a person doesn’t have to die at a location for his or her energy to exist there. It becomes attached to a location, or locations, and sometimes people in which the spirit energy finds some bond or connection.

Of course, if a ghost is truly a spirit energy, who can say with certainty their energy must be only in one location? We have conducted at least one investigation that involved both gravesite and home where valid EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) were recorded, both appearing to be responses from the same supposed spirit.

How long does the spirit energy remain? That is yet another unknown. Perhaps the answer is as simple as the strength of the energy and the reason for its strength. For example, an energy may remain strong to look after a loved one. Once it knows this individual is safe, the energy weakens and transitions. Certainly, based on recorded EVP, at least some ghost energies remain for hundreds of years.

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