Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

Like boo Lovato tunnel lock is one of the six Imperial churches the temple is the most beautiful at sunset therefore, it’s worth visiting at that time let’s not forget that tunnel lot is kilometers from kuta beach.

Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia Photo Gallery

Because the equator is closed it gets dark early at about or o’clock at low tide we can walk on foot to the rock on which the church was built the buildings were made of bamboo, and are covered by rice straw foreigners are not allowed to enter inside the fence but the Sun setting above the pavilions gives a beautiful view even from the terrace of the seaside cafes, it’s good to know that the holy snakes with black.

And, silver stripes living in the sea caves are harmless but their presence is thought by local people to increase the mysticism of the place the people living here come at least once a year on the day of the big sacrifice to appease the furious gods of the sea on festival days the loud crowd of the locals dressed in colorful clothes is exceedingly spectacular many families bring their newborn or adolescent children to introduce them to the gods of the sea, and to ask for their favor this ceremony is a veg to save them from drowning although, it’s still worth learning to swim Oh Oh you.

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