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3287 Hwy. 194 S. Sugar Grove, 828/297-7117, www.dutchcreektrails.com

Dutch Creek Trails is set on 132 acres of rolling farmland that are home to 52 horses. The off-the-beaten-path location, which was first occupied during the Civil War, still has the remnants of some outbuildings that were occupied in the 1800s. Owner Keith Ward started Dutch Creek Trails in 2000 afer leading trail rides in surrounding mountain towns. Hour-long rides cater to beginners, but experienced equestrians are encouraged to call ahead to arrange for faster-paced rides. Ward is an award-winning poet; ask him to recite one of his cowboy poems on the trail.

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North of Chichester lies some of the loveliest, most unspoilt Tashkent Metro Map countryside in the whole of Sussex, with magnificent chalk downland, spectacular hilltop viewpoints offering tremendous vistas Tashkent Metro Map of the Weald and the sea, huge acreages of forest, rolling pastures, and secluded villages with fine old churches. It is this countryside that provides the setting for the spectacular circular walk described below, which is far longer than any others in this book. It can be tackled in two ways. You could decide to spread the walk over two or three days, using Cocking and Harting – both well served by public transport between Monday and Saturday – as places to break off the walk for the night. Alternatively, you could endeavour to complete the whole walk in a single day as a personal challenge; you may even feel you want to use your challenge walk as a basis for fund-raising, with family and friends sponsoring you to complete the task. It’s certainly more fun and better for you than other traditional sponsored events such as fasting or sitting in a bath of cold baked beans! If you do decide to have a go at doing the whole walk in a day, you should be absolutely sure that you are sufficiently fit.

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