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Aaah the shamrock – the first leaf for the beer, the second for the food and the third for the atmosphere. The Shamrock Hotel is disinterested in your fancy decor and your schmancy menu and mightily interested in crisp ales, satisfying grub and a happy spot to enjoy them. So much so that its 1823 formula for bringing it to the people of Hobart remains the base to which some ’70s flare and ’90s gastronomy have been respectfully added along the way. A true watering hole, the range of $10 bar meals makes this pub a drawcard for all and sundry (no one-dimensional crowd here) – tradies, barflies, suits and backpackers all add to the accessible and winsome vibe. The Shammy is friendly, well run and cosy, with charming lead-light windows and an original open fireplace keeping things toasty during those Tassie winters. You’d be barmy to mess with this recipe for perfection. Also on the meat-and-potatoes menu is the renowned Shamrock burger and the famous Shamrock steak. The burger is a towering two-hander crammed with beef, bacon, egg, cheese, beetroot and lettuce, and meat lovers are said to come from all around for the steak, considered to have a best-in-town reputation. The daily roast is also popular, and desserts like banana split and apple crumble will transport you back to when you were a wee nipper. Just a hint to sample the hospitality here is sufficient for the wise. Shamrock Hotel will welcome you in true Irish style – so, nudge, wink and on your bike.

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