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Casinos :

These of course of stripped down dumps, but you can still blow all your money there.

The Hamaca Coral by Hilton

Right on the beach in Boca. Caribbean poker is available.

Playa Chiquita Resort & Casino is in Sosua, Dominican Republic . The property has a hotel with ninety rooms.

Playa Chiquita Resort & Casino Address Isabel Iaq Catolica 165 Sosua, Dominican Republic Toll Free – (800) 922-4272 Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette

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Attractions :

And now for the cover story for the old lady.

The biggest attraction in Boca Chica is the beach. Each hotels offers array of water sports and beach activities to keep you occupied. As far as high culture, there are no theaters, galleries or movie houses. We recommend practicing your bongo technique on the tight booties you find on every corner. The big hotels have shows and discos, and there are many public discos throughout the town. Plus the Hamaca Hotel has a casino open to the public. Most visitors to Boca Chica spend their days either on the beach or going on excursions to see the rest of the country.


Jeep Safaris

Santo Domingo (Full day and Half day tours)

Saona and Catalina Island tours

Horse Ranch tours

White Water Rafting, Jarabacoa

The Hamac hotel rents single-speed bikes with chain brakes. There are bike tours every morning, with a guide who takes you to local places of interest. Get to the bike rack a little early to ensure getting a bike with fully inflated tires and meaningful tire tread. Be alert as mopeds and motorcycles zip by at breakneck speeds on the narrow streets of Boca Chica. The roads, though paved, are interrupted by killer speed bumps and deep storm channels from rain run-off. You don’t want to ride into them.

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