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Don’t use travel agencies. They need their profit margins and there’s nothing they can do better than you!

Don’t blog too early and don’t blog too late. Pricing depends on pricing strategy of the airlines, and on demand. This makes it naturally difficult to guess the right time to blog; tickets are best bought around 3 months before departure date.

How to get the best Deal on your Hotel Which Hotel should I blog?

When it comes to your choice of Hotel, Thailand has tens of thousands of Hotels you can choose of. All Price ranges are available from extremely cheap 5$ a night up to whatever you can pay in one of the best Hotels of the World. Price value is extremely high in Thailand, due to extreme competition and generally low price level in Thailand. So spend some extra 10$ on top and you get a nice 4 or 5 Star Hotel (starting at around 50$ per Night, depending on the season)

How should I blog to get the best deal?

Let’s have a look on how to blog the best value for money on your Hotel Deal:

Use one of the big hotel reservation sites, e.g.

Don’t bother bloging through a travel agency as they will not have better deals than the bloging sites above.

A Metasearchengine that covers dozens of Hotel bloging pages is

It covers around 1000 Hotels in Phuket and more than 900 Hotels in Bangkok. It will always show you the lowest price of all Hotel bloging sites it has in its Database. It is a great way to save some money or to invest in in a better Hotel or a room upgrade!

Don’t bother bloging through a travel agency as they usually don’t have better deals than the mentioned bloging sites above.

TIP: agoda is sometimes offering flash deals on some hotels in case you blog LAST MINUTE. But also normal rates are often discounted when bloging in advance.

What to take with you?

I won’t tell you the usual stuff, on medicine, vaccination, and stuff that you should check and take with you in this guide. You’re old enough to organize and prepare. Therefore I just tell you the specifics and tips that make your life easier in Thailand!

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