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This is the best option if your hotel is not located nearby a Sky train station or if you’re going to one of the riverside Hotels. It’s the most convenient way of travel if you don’t care that the taxi drivers in Thailand drive as fast as their vehicle allows. If you’re anxious and you do not have a good health insurance then avoid. Safety Belts are mostly removed to safe space weight and fuel.

Colorful Bangkok taxis on the street in Bangkok

Costs depend on your destination, time of day, traffic jams but are low with an estimated average of 300b per Trip. Toll way and Airport fees will be added to your trip, roughly another 50+50 baht.

Important: Not all Taxi drivers want to turn on the Taxi Meter as an attempt to improve their income. So either insist that he turns it on (say taximeter please!), or in case you want to accept his fixed price offer make sure you don’t pay more than 500b in total. As always the Taxi experience is influenced heavily by the driver and his daily mood.

Pros: door to door, good if loads of luggage

Cons: Not always safe, some taxi drivers use the highway as race track, insist on taxi meter or all included price before leaving (including airport and toll fee as the drivers sometimes inflate those fees once delivered at your destination)

Limousine service

It’s the same as a taxi but a stress free and safer way to travel. Usually cars are quite new and luxurious and you pay a fixed price at the counter directly to your right side after leaving customs and entering the arrival hall.

Ask for the price at the counter where they sell their tickets, but should be around 1000b all included per way

Pros: Safe, quick and hassle free Cons: Most expensive transportation.

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