The Best Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is a unique city which is rich in art and culture and has anumber of things to offer to the tourists who visit this dynamic place. The variety of cultures and the cuisines which this city has will simply leave you astonished. Though there are a number of tourist attractions in Singapore, but if you have a planning of few days only then you should know about the best tourist attraction in Singapore, so that you are able to cover the popular and interesting sites first. The locals or the people in Singapore are basically the descendants of the immigrants of the people from China, Sri Lanka, India and Malay. Though now they are Singaporeans but they have followed ad inherited their culture from their ancestors and this is the reason because of which Singapore is a country which showcases the cultures of different countries.

Some of the popular places which one shouldn’t miss on his or her trip to Singapore have been enlisted below:

Jurong Bird Park

You should visit this bird park as this is one of the most famous and one of the largest bird parks in South-East Asia and also one of the best tourist attraction in Singapore. In this park you will be able to see birds of numerous species as this very park habitat 600 species of birds. Around 8000 birds are in this park. This bird park is also world’s 2nd largest penguin exhibit. You can take part in the numerous daily shows which are organized here.

Night safari

If you are an adventure lover and have a desire to see animals in their habitat, then this is one of the best option for you. You may encounter some of the rare species as here 100 species are kept.

National Museum of Singapore

You can see the development of Singapore from a small fishing village to the present day hi-tech metropolis which it is. Though there are numerous other museums in Singapore but the National Museum of Singapore is popular because of its architecture and collection.

Singapore zoological garden

It is a place which is heaven for both animals as well as visitors. If you have a desire to escape the busy city and crowded streets and have some beautiful time in the natural surrounding then this is the place that you should visit. You can see some of the magnificent animals here.

There are numerous other places also, which are worth visiting, but you should cover the places mentioned in the above list.

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