The Best Tapas in Malaga

Welcome to Malaga, where having a tapa isn’t just a tradition, it’s a way of life. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most traditional tapas you’ll find in the city. We invite you to try Malaga’s delicious tapas and discover the city’s authentic tapas bars.

The Best Tapas in Malaga Photo Gallery

The first tapa History of the Spanish tapa

Welcome to the traditional and historical Spain known throughout the world for its fantastic gastronomy and as the birthplace of the tapas. There are numerous theories as to the exact origin of the tapas. Let’s find out about one of the legends. We invite you to try the delicious and very varied Spanish tapas.

The iconic Churrerías of Malaga

We want to share with you an old, popular, sweet and sugary part of Spanish tradition: the delightful and crispy churros with chocolate! Let’s go see how they are made, and how they are enjoyed! We invite you to indulge both your travel bug and your sweet tooth with a plate of this delicious, crispy, Spanish tradition!

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