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It may seem like Sydney has been deprived of good old-fashioned fun of late – but the city’s prayers to the good-time gods have been answered, with the arrival of Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco. The restaurant recently parked itself in the driveway of the bottleshop at Mascot’s Tennyson Hotel, where it’s set to stay until March as a joint venture between the Tennyson’s owner, Merivale, and chef duo Mike Eggert and Jemma Whiteman, who are known for their short-but-oh-so-sweet stints at Pinbone and 10 William St.

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They’re promising fuss-free, American-style Italian -such as oven-baked bruschetta, pasta and wood-roasted meats with which you can enjoy a drink selected from one of the self-serve fridges. “We want it to feel like you’re at someone’s garage house party, where you’re eating amazing food and listening to pumping tunes,” say Eggert and Whiteman. Word is they’re considering karaoke, so it’s best not to give up on those prayers just yet.

There’s potential value in identifying food allergies by your genes, but it’s not that straightforward.”

With DNA testing slated to become the future of health mapping, nailing those summer-body goals and making science-based New Year’s resolutions (that you can stick to) has never been a more achievable reality. DNA testing is the future, and if you’re open to it, having a deeper understanding of your body can help you make better health decisions right now.


For those who suffer through warm-weather reactions to their scent in summer – a common problem with high-alcohol concoctions – rejoice, as a new wave of brands adopting conscious labelling is here. Flipping the traditional secrecy and mysticism attached to what goes into making fragrances on its head, labels such as Bee Shapiro’s Ellis Brooklyn are creating scents with a “clean” label, so you know precisely what you’re spritzing. “I saw that products were going green in makeup and skincare but not in fragrance. Fragrance was still stuck in this very old-school way of thinking,” says Shapiro, who’s also a columnist at The New York Times.

Global beauty juggernaut Procter & Gamble (behind products such as Pantene and Herbal Essences) is also doing its bit to improve transparency. It’s aiming to have all fragrance ingredients for its 2,000-plus scented products listed online by 2019. So it’s happening slowly, but it is happening. “The beauty labs in the US weren’t intent on innovating for cleaner formulations. It takes brands and brand founders who are willing to go there, to push them, for change to happen,” adds Shapiro.

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