Watching Buffalo in Tongabezi Zambia – African Wildlife

Buffalo generally look.

So docile except for those eyes they somehow have a kind of mad look about them. I just look like wouldn’t domestic cars, and that you like the other do but a little bit more dangerous. I think very much dangerous yeah yeah, it’s a big animal see the boss on that my own there yo its huge her what.

Watching Buffalo in Tongabezi Zambia – African Wildlife Photo Gallery

I worry about two tons yeah about that enough concern hazing really big animal, and very dangerous um to be very dangerous but women be with me in a big head like this there’s no problem, it’s just you at one on its own one of the song is can be actually a good problem did you say to me earlier that. This is one animal it doesn’t actually do them up charge yeah. This is all all the full on charge.

So if, it’s coming from a charge you go that’s it if you got to get out get back in a vehicle or climb a tree yeah okay this baboon is much more interested in what he’s eating than us what is this George oh. This is the vegetable ivory vegetable ivory, and what other baboons doing they they eat it well yeah what they’re doing is they cracking these things up quite tough the open. I can see that, and eating the. How do.

I bring it was their teeth or yeah the teeth, and also quite strong the ghost on her. So is it went around, and Teddy Torian sense yeah they seem pretty relaxed yeah just do they actually put in their mouth, and actually bought it together type law today using teeth as well as homes, and Hannah, and I’ll see a machine. I must be pretty at all cuz it suffer kita is tough and This is what they actually eating no but inside.

I was like. I’m not to bite into into that into that yeah the cracks are kind of hard yeah Clark opening this circus show yeah, and then inside. This is like a nothing here that’s why, it’s called wish him live with.

Because of delight myself is actually doc very wise yes look all right now he’s giving us a demonstration of how, it’s done, and he’s obviously enjoying it George always finds interesting stuff to show me in this case termites. So if we move this that there’s some some termites there, and they’re actually but good at building a termite nest up this tree yep. So the luck is what’s quite large Griffin’s pincers on email Rhino here have an interesting history in the past that were virtually wiped out by poachers, and Rhino were only reintroduced the reserve about four years ago to discourage poaching their horns were removed but interestingly they’ve actually grown back again but the wildlife authorities are taking no chances, and these big guys have two full-time bodyguards in the form of these Park Rangers who gave me the whole story.

I must admit. I felt more secure taking pictures off our vehicle with the ranges around appearances are deceptive, and Rhino are notoriously unpredictable elephant damage film is truth oh holy night. Because it just have this little area lets rule all you’ve talked with that like a new number, and the Bible.

I look at love it looks like. I bring back that to bed is like being a trance creatures yeah. I just tripped.

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