The Golf Club Factory US Map & Phone & Address

The Golf Club Factory US Map & Phone & Address

351 Turnpike St (Rte. 138),Canton; (617) 828-1688

203 Worcester Rd. (Rte. 9),Framingham; (508) 875-9300

Knowing that imitation is the sincer-est form of flattery, GCF gives duffers the chance to feel like they own the finest clubs made today without actually shelling out the big green required. These stores buy components from manufacturers the world over, assembling stainless steel and graphite parts into fine, custom-made clubs.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to own the popular King Cobra irons, but didn’t want to spend the $500-$600 they can fetch. Here, a King Snake set (3-iron through pitching wedge), an exact copy of the major brand, runs you only $248.

Most of the clubs, including a wide variety of putters as low as $19.95, are on display without grips enabling you to select from about a dozen options and specify the length. All assembly, as well as repair work, is done in the store. Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays.

Another chain specializing in component clubs as a way of saving money is Wayland Golf Shops, which has branched out from the Wayland Country Club. Visit them there, on Route 27 in Wayland, telephone (508) 358-4775. Also at 54 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington,

(617) 221-0030; and 238 Highland Avenue, Needham, (617) 444-6686.

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