The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Colorado The Best of Colorado

There are named waterfalls in the state of Colorado here are some of colorado’s most beautiful waterfalls just south of Wolf Creek Pass is treasurefalls the waterfall is named for the legend of hidden gold on the mountain from which the Falls flow from only a minute hike from the trailhead leads you to this one hundred and five foot drop waterfall nudged in between ranch country and the San Juans is the town of Ouray.

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Colorado The Best of Colorado Photo Gallery

Ouray is surrounded by steep mountains and has various waterfalls around the town the one waterfall stands out box canyon falls the box canyon falls plunges feet into a narrow core tight canyon with walls overhanging the falls by over a hundred feet you can view the water falls from down below by taking the narrow path along the edge of the cliff or from up above on a bridge which goes straight into the wall of the canyon located in the San Luis Valley.

Near sand dunes national park is Zapata falls the falls itself are located in the narrow canyon and require forwarding a stream and climbing some rocks but all the work is worth the awesome view the falls drop a total of thirty feet and then flow from the narrow canyon walls the stream flowing from the falls is a nice place to relax and cool down from the trail you can catch a beautiful view of sand dunes national park about minutes north from the town a Rifle is rifle Falls located in rifle Falls State Park rifle Falls is an -foot triple waterfall and it very easily accessed from the parking lot you can view the water falls from below from up above and near the waterfalls are many small limestone caves which are fun to explore located in the Rio Grande National Forest is north.

Clear Creek Falls the North Clear Creek river flows through North Clear Creek Park before dropping feet into the gulch it created the falls are easily accessed via an overlook from highway bridal veil falls with a total drop of feet these Falls are impressive sitting on top of the falls is the hydroelectric power house this powerhouse generates % of electricity for the town of telluride and houses one of the oldest AC generators still in operation and can view bridal veil falls along with another waterfall from the town of telluride or you can drive straight up to the base of the waterfall this last waterfall is not just one waterfall but a series of waterfalls flowing along one River and then a stretch of a mile or two the turquoise water flows through red creek bed and in the fall the Willows turn yellow making for fantastic views these Falls and River are located point to magnetic degrees from the town of sawtooth Colorado at a distance of. miles let me know your favorite waterfall in the comments below be sure to comment to my blog for the next episode unusual places in Colorado and for my bi weekly.

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