The Most Unique or Strangest Places in Colorado

Bishop’s castle located in the middle of San Isabel National Forest Jim Bishop built the castle by himself over a span of years the castle is fun to explore and always open on weekends the dragon breaths fire about an hour east of Colorado Springs is the paint mines The Paint MInesare named after the colorful clays that are collected by the Native Americans and used as paint the colorful clay and strange-looking outcrops make the park a fun and interesting place to explore in the middle of the San Luis Valley is Colorado Gators, Colorado Gators started as a fish farm in the geothermal water and the Gators were brought in to take care of the dead fish.

The Most Unique or Strangest Places in Colorado Photo Gallery

Now it is a rescue for unwanted alligators pythons tortoises iguanas and more with the admission you are allowed to pet and feed many reptiles and hold an alligator if you wish at the Gator farm you’ll see albino Gators and a retired movie star Gator for an extra cost you get to take an alligator wrestling class and catch a alligator without any restraint the UFO tower located in the San Luis Valley off of highway also known as the cosmic highway in the year Judi Meza line started a UFO Watchtower to watch the strange happenings in the valley since then there have been over sightings from the tower the UFO tower also has a garden where psychics said there are two vortexes to another dimension people from all over the world leave objects in the garden to connect their energy to the vortexes and the people guarding the vortex in the northern part of the San Luis Valley is a small town of Creston Colorado with a population of about what makes Crestone unique is its spiritual center which features a Roman Catholic Carmelite a Buddhist Zen Center seven tibetan buddhist centers three hindu centers and a couple other new-age religious centers this is in part because of Maurice strong a multi-millionaire who granted a land he acquired from his corporations to spiritual centers others say it has to do with the energy in the valley Native Americans considered the valley to be holy.

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