Inside the TIFF Bell

350 King Street W, Toronto, 647-288-4715

CUISINE: Canadian

DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Lunch & Dinner


NEIGHBORHOOD: Entertainment District

Located on the 2nd floor of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, this eatery offers a menu of creative Canadian cuisine. Favorites include: Chicken Supreme and Octopus salad.

Great desserts like the chocolate parfait.


In all probability the island remained uninhabited for the next 200 years. In 1082 a group of Benedictine monks arrived and were granted the See of Lindisfarne; they then renamed the island Holy Island, to commemorate the holy blood shed during the viking raids. Since then there has always been a permanent settlement on the island. The ruined priory was rebuilt by the monks and when it was completed in 1120, they dedicated it to St Cuthbert. The priory was built mostly of sand and stone and it was not significantly altered until the 1400s, when the apse at the east end of the chancel was made longer and reshaped into an oblong. The Benedictine monks remained at peace on Lindisfarne for 450 years and, unlike the mainland parishes, they even escaped attack by the marauding Scots. All that remains now of the once proud Norman priory is a roofless ruin. Above the entrance is an open gallery of five arches with pillars on either side that used to be a Norman archade. The patterns and ornamental details in the church are very similar to those in Durham Cathedral, which suggests that it was probably built by the same monks. The monks lived around the cloister on the southern side where there are the remains of a small stone spiral staircase.

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