Things to do in Istanbul in 24h Istanbul Guide Budget

Istanbul is the only city in the whole world which is located on two continents and with this you have a special flair here. This is only one of the reasons which makes it to one of the new hot spots in Europe! So. let’s check it out! For breakfast I just hopped on a ferry and bought a Simit and a tea a really cheap breakfast with a nice view. for, Lira! To discover Istanbul you can attend a tour. but it’s much better to do that on your own! There are a lot of websites with itineraries you can follow. The best thing about it: it’s totally for free! For lunch we keep it really traditionally so we have Köfte and Ayran! This whole dish is Lira. The public transportation system of Istanbul is an attraction itself. You can hop on a bus or you can take the ferry to discover City.

Things to do in Istanbul in 24h Istanbul Guide Budget Photo Gallery

One ride is just three Turkish lira and if we just say you take rides a day we have Lira. The Galata tower is a great spot to see the city from above! The entrance ticket is Lira. Time for some sweet stuff! I have turkish Baklava and Turkish coffee this is really typical for Lira altogether! My home away from home was the Portus House. I stayed in one of the private rooms for with breakfast included. For dinner I’m in a typical turkish restaurant in Karaköy. I have Manti Ravioli in Yoghurt sauce. For Turkish Lira The day is finished and I’m now near the Taksim square the place to go out in Istanbul. A beer is Lira. That’s it let’s have a look at the Bill for all the things to do in Istanbul in one day! In the next post we will hop over to Berlin to make a budget check there.

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