Things to do in Jaipur The Pink City Stepwell Monkey Temple City Palace Hawa Mahal India

Passerby: It’s a camera, camera look camera It is photo time! Passerby: selfie selfie time Selfie? selfie time thank you sir No problem take care Selfie time [local] Welcome to Jaipur The people are reading me again they’re staring at me again (sigh) ging in India it’s gonna break you, anyway things to do in Jaipur. The monkey temple it’s a little bit out of town and it’s a little bit of a walk up and down but it’s out of the city and in some lush green forests and hills quite beautiful I recommend going early in the morning there is a lot of monkeys and you got the right day there’s a lot of people as well as the heat of the day wears on you get less people I went down there, lots of people bathing in the water they believe to be holy a very interesting sight.

Things to do in Jaipur The Pink City Stepwell Monkey Temple City Palace Hawa Mahal India Photo Gallery

Kids: Chocolate up here, look over and peer into there. the step well I’m here at this step well a little bit off the beaten track but quite an amazing thing looks like something from an Escher drawing which if you don’t know he drew those steps went up and down stairs with all contradictory but this is just steps to make it easy to go up and down to a water well so it’s free to come and see the step well but the guards will still do all they can to get some money from you like if your camera’s on a selfie a selfie stick or a stabilized like mine was, oh no rupees for bringing that in so I took it off and then if you want to go down into the steps, oh you can go down for rupee take excellent photos down there next on the list of places city palace right in the middle of old Jaipur there’s two parts to it there’s the city Palace Museum which cost you rupees entrance and gives you all this then there’s entrance into the city palace which is rupiah and everyone I spoke to says don’t bother unless you really like museums.

I like museums but, yeah. And lots of areas when you go to the museum areas you can’t take the camera anyway so I can’t show you any of that I’ve got some good news a ticket I bought earlier does also cover the Hawa Mahal which is a temple of winds which is good that means I can actually don’t the queue in that long queue I can go into the temple which is right there without the queue for tickets because I got this it’s been another hot but beautiful day in India been touring Jaipur the Pink city I’ve gotten around oh so many things it’s been great I’m flagging a bit now I had plenty plenty to drink.

But I still need to drink more and I’ve still got hopefully let me check on the sun, where’s the sun? hold on I may have, I want to go to Tiger Fort for the sunset which is quite a drive away plus I’ve got uhm one other temple just around the corner from here that only opens after four o’clock so it’s open now, can I do both? let’s find out well carrying on our tour of Jaipur things to do in Jaipur uh I’mm at the govindji temple, I’ll try to find how to pronounce that correctly [passerby] use my helicopter? [Simon giggles] no i’m thankyou, I’m just waiting to go into the temple next up Tiger Fort should have time to oh there he is get there for sunset and heres my tuk-tuk driver waiting let’s go take a walk up to the tiger fort you can cheat and get a car around the back side or a tuk-tuk around the back side but it’s quite a long drive so I’ve decided to take healthy option I think it’s healthy in this heat not sure if dehydration counts as healthy, anyway take a walk up here from the old town to the tiger fort lets get going I’ve reached the Tiger Fort [out of breath] it doesn’t look like its too well defended at any time walls within walls and that water down there we can’t see but down there is a dam of water which would have been uh the forts water supply and we are at the top not too bad what an amazing view theres the dam and if you drive up there’s the car park over there the the rest of the Fort is behind us over there the view over Jaipur is right there.

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