All You Need to Know about Morocco Surf Spots

Morocco is known among surfers as a country having the best surf spots in the world. Taghazout region is home for several Morocco surf spots seen at Original Surf Morocco.The country have been attracting people from all across the world since the 1960s.

A fantastic season in the country is between the months of October and April. During summer, the most consistent waves are found in North Rabat and Safi. The period between September and October is when winter surges arrive with no wind. Due to a wide range of surf breaks, Morocco is the ideal surfing destination for all levels.

Anchor Point is one of the top Morocco surf spots because of its clean lines and consistent waves. They start at around 3 feet and can go up to 15 feet. The surf break is a combination of reef and sand bottom. Surfers can go for turns and cover-ups at the first two sections. The last area is fast and hollow. It can be a long wave of around 300 metres to 500 metres.

Banana Point is found near the Village of Aourir, which is also known as Banana village because of the banana plantations near the river bed facing the point. It is a long right hander point break with no current, which makes it perfect for surfers of all levels.

Boilers is one of the popular Morocco surf spots that got its name because of the shipwreck found at the start of the wave. This is one of the hardest spots in the country and often visited by photographers. It is recommended for experienced surfers because of the strong current that ends at a shallow reef. Its wave can have tubular sections that can reach up to 400 metres.

Devil’s Rock is a spot near Banana Point. It can be crowded because of its consistency and nearness to the village. If you have to have a fun session in the area, you need to avoid the peak hours. It is ideal for all levels and a good spot to learn surfing due to the diversity of waves.

Essaouira Beach is another one of the Morocco surf spots that’s perfect for beginners to intermediate surfers. The beach has a soft sand bottom and provides perfect waves during high tide with a little north wind. The beach is protected by the Isle de Mogador and spans 180 degrees. Swell near the lighthouse is small while larger swell is found near the port.

Hash Point is a well-known spot because it is located at the middle of Taghazout village. It got its name because people were too lazy to walk to Anchor point because they smoked hash. It used to provide the perfect point break but now the rocky bottom is covered with sand. At present, it has become a fast right-hander that’s ideal for beginners.

Killers Point is one of the best Morocco Surf Spots because of its consistency. It has a wave that’s 300 metres long and has some speed, barrels and bowl sections. Small swells are available during low tide. Once the swell picks up, the walls provide hollow sections and barrels.

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