It conquered the ski scene, it excelled in the family department and now Scott Dunn is the undisputed ruler of the honeymoon kingdom. Overflowing with original ideas, from hanging out with gorillas in Uganda to sleeping in a luxury yurt in Montana, it has something to suit every type of honeymooner. Plus, you can be sure of first-hand detailed knowledge from its legion of well-travelled experts. But above all, with Scott Dunn your honeymoon is in safe hands – you’ll be looked after brilliantly from the moment you book till the moment you walk back through your front door. KUONI


The public wanted a woman as a hero Left: North Sunderland, circa 1910 during this period and very soon the story was being told of how Grace performed the entire rescue on her own. Another tale was that after she woke her father up, she had to more or less force him to help her. A Board of Inquiry was ordered by Trinity House to get at the truth and William Darling wrote this letter to the Secretary of Trinity House in reply: In answer to your request of the 29th, I have to state that on the morning of the 7th September, it was blowing a gale, with rain from the north, my daughter and me, being both on the alert before high water, securing things out of doors, one quarter before five, my daughter observed a vessel on the Harcars Rock, but owing to the darkness and the spray going over her, could not observe any person on the wreck, although the glass being incessantly applied until near seven o’clock, when, the tide beingfallen, we observed 3 or 4 men upon the rock: we agreed that if we could get to them, some of them would be able to assist us back, without which we could not return: and having no idea of the possibility of a boat coming from North Sunderland, we immediately launched our boat and was enabled to gain the rock, where we found 8 men and one woman, which I judged rather too many for to take at once in the state of weather, therefore took the woman and four men to the Longstone.

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