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As you might know, people speak Spanish in Argentina. And this is why I’m here in Rosario for a very special post. Hola Gringo! Bienvenido a Rosario. I am here at the place where everybody told me I should go. This is Stephanie, and she makes travelers talk Spanish. Stephanie: That’s right. So, why is it so important to speak Spanish in Argentina? Stephanie: The grand majority of Argentinians don’t learn English. In fact, I think that the only city that’s really a touristic destination and perhaps has a larger amount of English is Buenos Aires. There is something special about your school. What is it?

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Stephanie: Learning doesn’t just reside within the four walls of this school, but it actually happens in real life. You touch it, smell it, eat it, taste it. You live it. Now that you’ve taken a few classes with us, Steve, Claudio is waiting for you downstairs. He’s going to take you around to see the city and see what you’ve learned while you’ve been here. Everything in Spanish now. To understand a city, it is important to know its history. Now, we are in a former industrial area, so I ask you, what is significant for Rosario’s history? Claudio: Basically, it’s all about the river.

The river and the port have been very important to export all the goods, like for example, cereals. Moreover, we had a big railway system. The trains have been very important for the factories as they delivered material to fabricate products like this old brewery we see behind us. This is a very significant, popular, and important place! Claudio: That’s true, because Parque España is quite new. It’s only years old! This whole area has been the port. When it was closed, it was transformed into a big park. Let’s got for a walk! Claudio: Alright, let’s go! So, we’re talking about Rosario and I realize a high ratio of young people here. Why? Claudio: Well, in the building behind us, there is the National University of Rosario. This one? Claudio: Yes. It’s the domicile of the Law School. Beside the National University, there are also many private universities in Rosario. Therefore, we have a huge amount of students who are coming from the whole region (province of Santa Fe).

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