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Just beyond a sharp right-hand bend you reach Exceat Toledo Map Tourist Attractions visitor centre, the gateway to Friston Forest. The centre not only provides a restaurant and tearoom Toledo Map Tourist Attractions but also has attracted visitors for many years with its excellent exhibition on local wildlife and a very impressive series of live insect displays. It also provides an ideal base for exploration of the forest, if you feel you have time for a detour. Its 1,500 acres contain over 4 million trees, and it is one of the largest beech woodlands in the country.

Delights of the forest include two orchids, the white helleborine, which flowers in May, and broad-leaved helleborine, at its most impressive in August; the yellow bird’s nest plant, which blooms in July; the pheasant’s eye, a rare plant whose crimson red petals and dark purple centre are at their best between May and August; and a large number of butterflies which include the small tortoiseshell, speckled wood, meadow brown, white admiral and wonderfully-named grizzled skipper! Assuming you have explored the visitor centre and Friston Forest, cross back over the road. More or less opposite the visitor centre there is a metalled track leading seawards away from the A259, and it is this track you now take.

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