Top 10 New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Welcome to our travel blog and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten New Year’s travel resolutions. For this list, we’re looking at travel specific goals and intentions that you may want to consider for the new year.

Top 10 Reconnect with an old travel friend

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Traveling with friends and family is a great way to strengthen bonds and make unforgettable shared memories. But the people you meet along the way can make just as big of an impression on you. Sadly, time takes a toll on the long distance friendships you form while abroad, so rather than sending a text or email, checking in, why not propose a reunion trip? Choose a destination that you both wanted to visit and make plans to pick up where you left off. Friendships that. Warm during travel are inherently linked with a sense of adventure, so just by virtue of meeting up, your trip is already off to a good start. Not only will it be great to see an old friend, but your friendship will likely be stronger than ever. After having spent months coordinating your travel plans.

9 commit to traveling

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Green whether you’re a city traveler and outdoor enthusiast or land somewhere in the middle, we can all agree that this beautiful planet is worth protecting when it comes to climate change. There are many factors at play. But there is no denying that air travel takes a toll on the environment. Moving bodies across the globe consumes a lot of energy, so why not make your trip a guilt free one by making eco responsible choices at every step of the way, the more you travel, the more you realize just how much of the world you still have left to see. So let’s make a resolution to protect it for not only future trips but also the travelers of generations to come from carbon offsetting to choosing eco resorts and tours. There are a lot of ways to make a difference.

8 Eight, prep your taste buds

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Research has shown that travelers actually derive more pleasure from the anticipation of travel than the trip itself. Now, to be clear, we think the traveling is just about one of the most enriching experiences one can have if you offered to put us on a flight tomorrow or the chance to start planning a trip, we’d go with option A, but there is undeniably something very satisfying about the planning phase and the feeling of anticipation that comes with it. So why not maximize that experience by feeding that? Excitement literally researched the cuisine of your destination and start teasing your taste buds by preparing the dishes you’re likely to try while abroad. If you’re not culinary inclined, see if there are any restaurants that specialize in the cuisine of your destination. Make every trip that much more memorable by starting the adventure long before you leave. #7 learn the language. Not much of a home cook or a foodie. No problem. Rather than bite into the local cuisine in preparation for your trip, why not wrap your mouth? Around the language. Instead, travelers who put the time and effort into learning even a few basic words and phrases tend to receive a much warmer greeting from locals. Sure, your accent is likely to be terrible and your pronunciation even worse, but the mere fact that you tried conveys a sense of respect for the local people. That says, I came here not just to consume your culture, but truly appreciate it even more so than with the food. Learning a new language allows you to really immerse yourself in the destination before you arrive. Give yourself a good few months to practice, and you may actually be able to hold a conversation by the time you get there.

7 travel solo Like we said earlier

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Travel bonds people. But what if you were to strike out into the world and experience a destination with no one but yourself for company? Even more so than the people we share them with? Memories are tide to emotions and when you explore a destination on your terms alone with your thoughts and no one else to shape your experience or perspective, something truly wonderful happens. You not only get unique insights into the place you’re visiting, but also yourself. We don’t often put aside time to really dialogue with ourselves, especially not while traveling. But as you explore a foreign city or landscape removed from the comforts and routines of normal life, you’re really forced to consider your individual thoughts and feelings about the experience.

6 journey into the unknown

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Domestically, it’s easy to romanticize the other the other side of the ocean. The other side of the continent. The other culture or landscape that feels entirely unlike your home. The thing is, we become so fixated on the appeal of some far off buzzworthy destination that we overlook the marvels closer to home. Staycation’s are great, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. No, for your New Year’s resolution, we’re recommending you commit to taking a deep dive into the very coolest cities, towns, experiences, and natural environments that your country has to offer. Skip the hassle of international travel. And discover the wonders of your very own nation. Try to approach your country as you would any other. Chances are that it’s got way more to offer than you give it credit for.

4. Start a travel journal

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If you’ve got a way with words and you’ve done a decent amount of traveling, chances are that someone has already tried to pitch you on starting your own travel blog. And hey, if you’re up to the task and happy putting yourself out there, go for it. But there is also a lot of pressure, self consciousness and brand building that goes into trying to launch. Successful travel blog. Why not simplify things and just write about your travels for yourself, no matter how awesome your trip is, those memories will start to fade with time. Jot down the details at the end of every day, however, and you’ll be able to revisit those inside jokes, amazing moments, restaurant names, and random little anecdotes for years to come. Heck, you can even do it in point form. This is private, something that’s just for you. Don’t worry about your writing.

3 Don’t post about it until you’re home

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Unthinkable we know your friends and family. Want to see pics of your trip while it’s happening and in this age of oversharing, social media has made many of us feel as if an experience is only real if and when we post it online. But do you really want to see your trip through your smartphone camera or waste precious hours trying to find a perfect caption for a sunset in Greece when the sun is literally setting it? Might be old fashioned, but there is something to be said for rooting yourself in the moment and making the memory before you share it. Take plenty of pics. And jot down anything you want to share, but save it for later. You’ll probably get more joy from sharing the content after the fact when you’re back at home anyways.

2 Start a dedicated saving account

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There are a lot of fun and aspirational resolutions that you can make for the new Year, but no matter how you approach it, travel is generally a fairly expensive pastime. Rather than taking a look at your finances and wondering whether you can justify a trip, why not remove the guesswork from the equation? Pick an amount of money that you know you can. Live without every month and put it into a dedicated account before you know it, you’ll have the price of a plane ticket saved up. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys challenges, you can even try giving up a different comfort and aim to make a double contribution that month. It’s always fun to have a trip to look forward to, but this adds a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride to the overall experience.

1 Take weekend trips

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Vacation days are precious. Depending on the type of travel you like to do. You might feel like you can only travel once per year if that, and that’s a lot of pressure to put on a trip you’re likely to spend so much time agonizing over the details or counting down the days that you forget to be in the moment. In reality, though, most of us actually have two days off a week. Yes, there are social engagements and household responsibilities that eat up those hours, but with a bit of planning, we bet you can reserve one weekend every month or two for a little getaway. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive. Visit a neighboring city. Take a train ride or stay with a friend. There is a lot more opportunity for travel than you think. Do you agree with our picks? Check out this other recent clip from our travel blog and be sure to subscribe and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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