Top 5 Things to Do in Beautiful Broome

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Western Australia, look no farther than Broome. The area is rich with culture and natural wonders, and it’s less expensive to visit Broome than it is to visit larger cities. You’re getting an intimate experience with the great Australian outback, and you’re less likely to have to fight off other tourists in the process.

1. Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge

How many places in the world are home to their own crocodile park? Crocs are dangerous in the wild, but you’ll be able to safely get some bonding experience with these fascinating reptiles at the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. Though the park itself is home to a large variety of animals, including birds and mammals, most people visit just for the crocs. You can take a guided tour, see the crocs get fed, and even hold a baby crocodile. This is fun for both kids and adults, and the experienced guides will keep you out of harm’s way.

2. See the Japanese Cemetery

The Japanese Cemetery is a sight to behold. Ornate and unusual gravestones inscribed with Japanese characters tell a historical story that you don’t have to be Japanese to appreciate. A quick stop at the Broome museum will tell you everything you need to know about the Japanese pioneers of Broome, who comprise an integral part of the area’s history.

3. Visit the Buddha Sanctuary

Not many vacation stops provide you with some much needed rest and relaxation, but the Buddha Sanctuary is an exception. The sanctuary is made of ornate architecture and gorgeous statues, shrouded in the majesty of nature. This is a perfect place for some quiet meditation, or even contemplative thought. You can also take yoga classes at the sanctuary, and this makes for a unique vacation experience that you won’t soon forget. The area itself is breathtaking, and it’s close to some of the best holiday rentals in Broome you can find on Gumtree.

4. Relax on Cable Beach

It’s nearly impossible to visit Broome without stopping at Cable Beach. Many definitive lists place Cable Beach among the top 5 beaches in the world, and you’ll have to see it yourself in order to truly appreciate it. Cable Beach is a great place to swim and watch the sunset, but it offers so much more. If you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll be able to ride a camel along the coastline on a guided tour. Horseback riding is one thing, but riding a camel can be a once in a lifetime experience.

5. Make Some Feathered Friends at the 12 Mile Bird Park

Western Australia is home to a vast amount of native bird species. You’ll be able to see Australian birds as well as exotic imports at the 12 Mile Bird Park. These fantastic birds are immaculately cared for, and all of their enclosures feature information cards that will teach you a thing or two about the species. From vibrant parrots and tiny owls to rare ducks and captivatingly unique cockatoos, the park is home to every bird you could possibly imagine.

If you love nature, you’ll never want to leave Broome. There’s so much to explore, and so many sights to see. Just make sure you pack enough broad spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses, and wide brimmed hats to protect yourself from the Australian sun.

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